Belgrade Restaurants Review


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If one uses price/quality as a benchmark for comparison this is definitely one of the best restaurants in Belgrade...

Trpeza - Belgrade Restaurant

Nebojšina 6, 11000 Belgrade, Center - Vračar

Restaurant Varoš Kapija

Corner of Carice Milice and Maršala Birjuzova, Center


Really exceptional restaurant, high quality of meals, perfect coctails...

Salon 5 restaurant, Zemun

Avijatičarski trg 5, 1st floor, Belgrade, Zemun

Zaplet - Belgrade Restaurant

Kajmakčalanska 2, 11000 Belgrade, Center - Vračar - find this restaurant on Belgrade map


Wide choice of meals and specialties, chek out this newly opened downtown Belgrade restaurant ...

Restaurant Dvoriste

Svetogorska 46, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Central Belgrade


One of the oldest, legendary - domestic food restaurants in Belgrade...

Tri Sesira (three Hats)

Skadarska 29, 11000 Belgrade, Center - Skadarlija

Belgrade Restaurants Review

We are not even going to try to list all Belgrade restaurants. Instead, we will give you a brief guide through the cuisine and a selection of our favorite restaurants in Belgrade. Most Serbian restaurants serve the national cuisine, but there are more than plenty with international food and a wide variety of different cuisines is available.

Generally, Serbian traditional food involves a lot of grilled meat, beans and many cabbage-based meals. Even beans (pasulj in Serbian) or cabbage are most often prepared with meat - so if you are vegetarian, don't try too hard with the Serbian restaurants and go for international cuisine. If you do eat meat Serbian cuisine is very tasty and it is a great preparation for a night of partying or drinking with your friends. As with most good things, it's not so great for losing weight.

The Serbian cuisine (and not only cuisine) was formed under the influence of all the cultures that lived in Belgrade throughout history and Belgrade restaurants will give you flavors of Mediterranean, Oriental, and central European (particularly Hungarian) dishes. Food is no exception to the general rule in the Balkans: we all do it the same way, and we all love to argue over who had it first: slivovic, pljeskavica, cevapcici, ajvar, sarma, baklava... you name it, we'll fight over it.

This is a guide to the chosen few Belgrade restaurants - if you want to be 100% sure that you will have a terrific meal, we recommend one of the following restaurants in Belgrade: