Belgrade Restaurants Review


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Wide choice of meals and specialties, chek out this newly opened downtown Belgrade restaurant ...

Restaurant Dvoriste

Svetogorska 46, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Central Belgrade


If one uses price/quality as a benchmark for comparison this is definitely one of the best restaurants in Belgrade...

Trpeza - Belgrade Restaurant

Nebojšina 6, 11000 Belgrade, Center - Vračar

Zaplet - Belgrade Restaurant

Kajmakčalanska 2, 11000 Belgrade, Center - Vračar - find this restaurant on Belgrade map


Heart of Bohemian Belgrade, one of the oldest restaurants in Belgrade...

Restaurant Dva Jelena

Skadarska 32, Skadarlija


One of the oldest, legendary - domestic food restaurants in Belgrade...

Tri Sesira (three Hats)

Skadarska 29, 11000 Belgrade, Center - Skadarlija


Really exceptional restaurant, high quality of meals, perfect coctails...

Salon 5 restaurant, Zemun

Avijatičarski trg 5, 1st floor, Belgrade, Zemun

Belgrade Restaurants Review

If you are in search for the best restaurants in Belgrade Serbia you’re in the right place! Belgrade Eye will be your guide through the vast offer of amazing places to eat in Belgrade. We have visited a large number of Belgrade restaurants just so that we could help you choose the ideal one for you. We know which are good, and which are the best ones. Of course, it’s hard to say: “Hey, this one is the best restaurant that you can find!”. Why? Simply because guests wishes are the most important element of the equation when it comes to ranking your foodie experience. Some guests might be looking for the restaurant with beautiful garden in the downtown of Belgrade, while some may be looking only for the best food Belgrade can offer. This is the main reason why we exist. Our mission is to help you easily search for your type of restaurant in our long list called “The best restaurants in Belgrade”. Welcome!

How was the list - The Best Restaurants in Belgrade made?

BelgradeEye’s Belgrade restaurant list was made by the thorough research, many repetitive visits and simple tasting of delicious gourmet dishes made by the top chefs in Belgrade.

What were we looking for?

We went through the menus of belgrade restaurants, we have different kinds of meals from various cuisines all over the world, and experienced the ambient, interior and exterior, and valued the prices of Belgrade restaurants. The main conclusion was - you will find everything you need when it comes to Belgrade food! Here’s why… Food in Serbia is prepared with love, and distinctive element of tradition. Especially when we’re talking about the best restaurants in Belgrade, serving traditional meals of Serbian cuisine. Of course, this doesn’t mean that restaurants with other types of cuisine are not the same or even better. Simply, we like to state that we’re proud of our taste, and that usually guests in Belgrade feel the same.

Number of restaurants with international cuisine in Belgrade

Belgrade has a large number of restaurants of different cuisines, so there are Belgrade restaurants with national cuisine, than restaurants with international cuisine, and those specialized in one particular, foreign, type of cuisine:
  • Italian restaurants,
  • French restaurants,
  • Mexican restaurants
  • Chinese restaurants and many more.
Ambience of the restaurant plays the essential part in every restaurant experience. This is one of the factors we use for ranking the top restaurants in Belgrade, just like our visitors do too. But It’s not unusual that a restaurant chooses prices based on its design, interior and exterior, while the food quality lacks. This is why our list of the best restaurants in Belgrade was made!

Traditional serbian cuisine

Generally, Serbian traditional food involves a lot of grilled meat, beans and many cabbage-based meals. Even beans (pasulj in Serbian) or cabbage are most often prepared with meat - so if you are vegetarian, don't try too hard with the Serbian restaurants and go for international cuisine. If you do eat meat Serbian cuisine is very tasty and it is a great preparation for a night of partying or drinking with your friends. As with most good things, it's not so great for losing weight. The Serbian cuisine (and not only cuisine) was formed under the influence of all the cultures that lived in Belgrade throughout history and Belgrade restaurants will give you flavors of Mediterranean, Oriental, and central European (particularly Hungarian) dishes. Food is no exception to the general rule in the Balkans: we all do it the same way, and we all love to argue over who had it first: slivovic, pljeskavica, cevapcici, ajvar, sarma, baklava... you name it, we'll fight over it.

Prices and cheap restaurants in Belgrade

When we talk about the true value of some restaurant, it’s necessary to approach this topic carefully. Even though it’s easy to say - these are cheap restaurants in Belgrade - it is difficult to decide which restaurant really offers the quality for those cheaper prices! That’s where the dance of value and price begins, and where true saving occurs when it comes to good food! Guests are there to evaluate and rate a restaurant that they’ve visited. We will post your ratings and impressions, which will hopefully help other guests to decide where to eat in Belgrade and which restaurants in Belgrade are truly the best. Please consider the:
  • Taste of food and meal quality
  • Prices of appetizers, main course and desserts,
  • Ambient of the restaurant;
  • Kindness of waiters;
  • Overall experience.
This is how we decide which restaurant have the right to call themselves the best ones.

Restaurants in the center of Belgrade vs those around the center?

Our list wasn’t created solely based on the popularity of restaurants. Neither it was put together based on their location, but we can’t deny that location matters. Many people choose their “food getaway” based on its location in Belgrade. Whether you are looking for a restaurant in beautiful Vracar area, or restaurants on the Novi Beograd side of the city (New Belgrade), or a restaurant based in Zemun, Zvezdara or Vozdovac, we can asure you that you’ll find what you’re looking for all around the city. It is interesting to say that many popular restaurant are nowhere near the center of Belgrade. Quite the opposite, they’re located in suburbs of Belgrade. For example, there are restaurants in Borca and Ovca, or Altina etc. This is why you need to know, that Belgrade isn’t only what you see in its downtown.

Downtown restaurants

If we’re talking about downtown restaurants in Belgrade, then we should definitely mention old bohemian quarter of Belgrade called Skadarlija street. Even though Skadarlija is one of the oldest streets in Belgrade, packed with beautiful restaurant gardens and sounds of Serbia, it’s good to let you know that it is usually crowded by foreigners these days. There are plenty of reasons why it is, but keep in mind that locals usually go around other places to have quiet dinner. This is one of the things we’re trying to solve, and bring locals back, like they were here during past decades and centuries. This is important so that you could experience Skadarlija to the fullest. If you’re looking for the oldest restaurant in Serbia, you won’t find it in Skadarlija though. The oldest remaining restaurant in Belgrade Serbia - famous Znak Pitanja “?” (called Question Mark “?”) located near Saborna Crkva. It was built in 1823. and it still stands strong, some would say better than ever. Believe it or not, but this kafana will celebrate its 200th birthday, and it’s over 15 years older than the first designed green park in Belgrade. Some would say that this suits our Serbian reputation as food and drink lovers. What do you think?

Bohemian spirit, delicious food and traditional drinks - Belgrade restaurants in one place!

Serbian capital was crafted by the years of turbulence, but it’s colored with bohemian tradition, tasty food and love for a good drink among happy and hospitable people. So how bad can it really be? In the beginning, first restaurants were called kafana or gostiona, and that same spirit you can feel in modern Belgrade if you know where to look. This is when we step in, with useful tips and the largest list of top restaurants in Belgrade, so that you could choose for yourself, and experience our capital to the fullest. Belgrade Eye welcomes you!