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Belgrade Eye City Guide - Sightseeing in Belgrade and Serbia


Belgrade Sightseeing There are so many great spots in Belgrade that it was hard for us to make selection. We have grouped sightseeing into Kal...


Theaters and Cinemas in Belgrade - Belgrade Eye City Guide


Belgrade Theaters and Cinemas Here is the list of all theatres, and cinemas in Belgrade. There are many things going on recently - very soon in ...

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Is this your first visit to one of the oldest cities in Europe? This part of Belgrade Eye covers Belgrade nightlife, Belgrade theatres and cinemas, special section on sightseeing with many fantastic photos of Belgrade, city tours and a few words about shopping. No matter what are you primary interests, you will find surprisingly wide choice and for those who visit Belgrade for the first time - we strongly recommend visiting all the separate subsections and stay informed of all the things you should not miss when you visit Belgrade.