Motels in Belgrade

Motels Belgrade are type of facilities that provide accommodation to guests in a slightly different way of hotels, hostels and apartments, where tourists stay for several days and they need specific location. Motels don’t have to provide nice view. Their purpose is different. Usually, they are located near main roads, significant traffic points or entrance and exit of a cities. This also applies to the motels in Belgrade and its surrounding, which we are presenting you.

Why are motels in Belgrade a good choice of accommodation?

Originally, purpose of motels was that passengers can sleep and safely park their vehicle, after a long trip by car, motorcycle or truck, in order to continue their trip next day. However, with the massive use of car motels endured expansion. Their standard has increased considerably, so nowadays you can find luxury motels in the city, with restaurants, pools and other amenities, often better then the best Belgrade cafes. Such motels exist in Belgrade as well, and they can satisfy needs of the most demanding guests.

What do motels offer as a type of accommodation?

Motels in Belgrade provide to their guests comfortable accommodation, whether you need a sleep over night or a daily rest. In addition to the room you will have a parking place, and as a part of the accommodation, usually will be included:
  • Wireless internet,
  • TV,
  • Private bathroom,
  • Restourant,
  • Reception desk 24/7.
In Belgrade, you can find motels not far from the city center, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative of accommodation, a motel can be a great solution. Motels have less capacity compared to the hotels in Belgrade, and they are different type of accomodation. Usually, they don’t have many floors, but they must have at least one parking place per room. Also, motels offer more relaxed and unformal atmosphere than the hotels, but they also offer comfort. Within the motels there are restaurants and coffee bars, so guests nowadays use them for a multi-day lodging.

Motels Belgrade - prices of accommodation

Accommodation prices in motels are considerably lower than the prices of accommodation in hotels. They are usually about 50% lower. This is one of the main reasons why Belgrade guests decide to stay at the motel. Stay over night in a motel will offer you enough comfort for rest of a long trip. Do not think that the daily rest at the motel is anything different from a staying over night. Sometimes travel route requires a long night trip, so the motels’ daily rest is ideal for relaxation, charging the batteries and go further to the highway, where motels in Belgrade are also located at.

What types of motels exist?

There are several types of motels that vary in quality of accommodation:
  • Motel-houses
  • Motel-bungalows
  • Motel-camps
  • Motor-hotels.
Motor-hotels are the most luxurious type of motels. They are intended for long stay of tourists with vehicles. Also, they offer guests special services, as food and drinks, and also have restaurants, playgrounds and shopping centers. Whether you are looking for a cheap lodging in Belgrade or you have guests from another city and no place for them at your home, do not hesitate to look for one of the motels at Belgrade Eye’s list of motels. On the list of the best motels in Belgrade you will find comfortable and clean accommodation at affordable prices, and you will also see photos of rooms and locations where they are located. Currently, we are collecting all important informations about motels in Belgrade, and we hope that you will soon be able to find a great offer of motels in Belgrade. Your Belgrade Eye