Campsites in Belgrade

Camping tourism in Belgrade isn’t very well developed, yet it is becoming very popular, especially when we talk about tourists from Europe. The reason is obvious - camping allows you to come back to nature and experience other forms of traveling. Camping and caravaning tourism is vacation for all true lovers of nature accommodation and all those who decide to check out what kind of accommodations are camps in Belgrade in the ambience of the Serbian capital. Belgrade Eye is here for you. We present you all camps in Belgrade, at least those that still exist, as well as which camps exist near Belgrade, if you want to briefly replace the usual urban life with a little more nature and camping. Camping in Belgrade is not very popular type of accommodation and at this moment, Belgrade, is not able to cover the scope of the camping capacities of European cities, but this is our offer, which will be interesting for many people. One thing is important, forget about luxury apartments or best belgrade restaurants, this is all about nature!

Are there any camps in Belgrade left?

Belgrade used to have three camps, but today there is only one that works - Camp Dunav. In 2010., Camp Dunav was declared as the best camp in the country, in competion with 18 other camps from Serbia. Camp Dunav has very good base for further development in Belgrade. This camp is located in Zemun, at the riverside Dunav, only 10 kilometres from Belgrade. Camp Dunav belongs to smaller camps and it has beautiful view on Dunav and Belgrade. Capacity of the camp is 50 camping units and it is open 24 hours in the season (01.05. - 30.09.). Beside this camp, there is a camping accommodation named Zornića kuća in Barajevo. It is about a small and lovely camp within the ethno household and restaurants. Beautiful complex with fascinanting overview at mountain Kosmaj. A real little paradise for campers. Camping Belgrade Avala is a modern camping accommodation where you can go on sightseeing, close to Belgrade, Šumadija and beautiful Avala and Kosmaj mountain, and many other historical places. Camp Koštnjak, Kneza Višeslava 17 is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, only 7 kilometres from center of the city, which capacity is 55 persons.

Camps near Belgrade are great getaway option

Camps in Belgrade and the surrounding area are ideal for those who are eager for silence, peace and clean air, for those who want to escape from crowds and noise. Return to nature, enjoying in her magical moments and wish for freedom are main ones why so many people wants this type of accommodation.

Types of camping accommodation


Bungalows are the most popular type of camping accommodation. It presents combination of nature and comfort. You can enjoy yourself in houses from fairy tales, fresh air, nature and its magic. So, this type of accommodation is perfect for vacation, of course for all lovers of nature.


Cheaper type of camping option, opossite bungalows, are tents, which present a real challenge for all those who are curious spirit and who are ready for adventure.

Camping houses / Caravans

Also, there are camp houses / caravans, or house on the wheels where you can feel like at your home, although you might be very far away from your home. Camping is shortest type of accommodation in nature where campers are going outside from crowds and noise, where you can enjoy in magical nature moments. Camping houses / caravans are ideal way to test yourself - are you ready for this type of accommodation. Replace apartments rental in Belgrade for short time and take the path of the camps. Belgrade Eye prepared for you a list of all camps in Belgrade, so you can choose the camp as you wish. Yours Belgrade Eye.