Belgrade Nightlife Tips

Belgrade Eye took only a small sample (our selection) of what the city has to offer. This selection is very valuable especially if you plan to dedicate only 2-3 days to your Serbia travel. There are many more clubs, bars and Belgrade cafes that we have not being able to describe here.


Club Anderground, Belgrade
Address: Pariska 1a
Open: 10-04
Tel: +381 11 3282524

Situated under the Kalemegdan fortress, this club has sustained a reputation of one of the major party venues in Belgrade over almost two decades. It is open all year round, with a fabulous three level terrace in the summer. Famous international DJs regularly perform their sets in Anderground (Underground deliberately spelled according to Serbian pronunciation).


Akademija, Belgrade Club
Address: Rajiceva 10
Open: 22-06 (at least)
Tel: +381 11 2627846

Akademija was rated one of the five best night clubs in Europe in the late 80s. Although it is not what it used to be you can still enjoy a great night there. From rock concerts to international and domestic DJ sets, Akademija has a very diverse program schedule. The club still retains some of its international fame as Harvey Keitel, Johnny Depp, visited the place relatively recently - at least this is what we heard :-)

Bitef Art Caffe

Bitef Art Caffe - Belgrade Eye favorite club
Address: Drinciceva 1, Beograd
Open: 20-02
Tel: +381 11 3220608

Located in an old Evangelical church, Bitef Art Caffe has both the setting and the style - with live rock, soul, or funk almost every night, it is definitely one of the best clubs in Belgrade. Come on Friday or Saturday for live 80s and 90s music performed by some of Belgrade's best club bands, such as Makao, Loco, or the Resident Band.


Cvijeta club
Address: Kalemegdan
Open: 22-04 (September-June)
Tel: +381 11 2622355

Cvijeta - lounge club. Open all week. Electronic music, mostly house and various more alternative DJ and live act performances are major assets of this club. Cvijeta has a separate VIP section and is a nice place for those who like to stay somewhere all night long and forget everything for just one night or more in Belgrade.


Address: Dalmatinska 13, Belgrade
Open: 12-02

Club Idiot - 80s, Rock, New Wave, electronica. An alternative type of hangout, Idiot has become a gathering venue of young artists of all sorts of branches. It has a beautiful terrace that is open during summer - a relatively small but cozy place.


Gaudi cafe Belgrade
Address: Gospodar Jevremova 40, Beograd
Open: 10-02
Tel: +381 11 182849

Gaudi is small bar/cafe in the center of Beograd. Cool music and cool people. Great place to start your evening and proceed to some of the nearby Belgrade clubs.


Cafe Bizzare Belgrade
Address: Gospodar Jevremova 38
Open: 10-02

Cafe Bizarre - Right next to Gaudi (above), these two bars have come to form a strange symbiosis over the years. Bizzare though is a bit bigger and mostly concentrates on house music. During the summer when the two open their gardens a huge crowd comes at night so it all kind of blends together.


Plastic Club Beograd
Address: Takovska 34, Beograd
Open: 23-06
Tel: +381 11 3245437

Club Plastic - another big rave/techno club in the center of town frequently visited by top international DJs. Plastic club is one of the most popular clubs in Beograd during the winter. If you really want crazy partying we definitely recommend this place. The upper level (Club Mint) is by invitation only, but if you go with a local they will almost certainly figure a way to get in.


Address: Ruzveltova 2
Open: 08-04
Tel: +381 11 3408269

Tramvaj - Pub with live music every night - a very good place during the winter. You can listen to great blues, jazz and rock live bands in this place and be sure they won't close at midnight.


Address: Akademski plato 1, Belgrade
Open: 09-02
Tel: +381 11 635010

Plato Pub - situated in the building of the Faculty of Philosophy, Plato was the place where all the major student protests of the 90s were born. During the day you can have coffee on the terrace and chill in the very comfortable chairs and at night you can have a beer and relax while listening to a jazz concert. Although drinks are a bit more expensive than the Belgrade average, its location, charm and tradition can justify it. They also serve nice meals at Plato restaurant.

The Three Carrots Irish Pub

The Three Carrots Irish Pub, Belgrade
Address: Kneza Milosa 16
Open: 09-02
Tel: +381 11 2683748

The Three Carrots Irish Pub - Opened 15 years ago this was the first Irish Pub in Belgrade. Go for a beer with friends, watch a football match, or just hang out, this is a place where you will always run into interesting people.

Que Pasa

Que Pasa, Beograd
Address: Kralja Petra 13-15, Beograd
Open: 09-02
Tel: +381 11 3284764

Que Pasa - Huge pub, beer and tequila parties.


Ptica (Bird) Jazz Club
Address: Cara Urosa 19

Tel: +381 11 3287925

Location: Center

Open: 10-01

Ptica - a large family house turned into a jazz club, Ptica is a cool and tucked-away chilled out place. Especially awesome is the summer garden, where mellow jazz blends well with the dim lights and the heat.

Sunset bar

Address: Ada Ciganlija 9
Open: 10-02

Sunset Club Belgrade - cafe in Ada Ciganlija (Belgrade Lake), with live music every night. This is the ideal place for Belgrade warm summer nights as the temperature on Ada is much lower compared to the city center...more info


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