Hostels Belgrade

Hostels in Belgrade are ideal for individuals who travel alone or adventurous groups of people, no metter if they are younger or older. Hostels are there to provide cheap accommodation to all travelers who do not plan to spend a lot of time in one place. BelgradeEye’s list - Hostel Belgrade offer everything for lovers of this type accommodation! Still, we're going in line. Let's find out if hostels in Belgrade are the right type of accommodation for you, and why they are! If you are an adventurer, you know that hostel will be ideal place for overnight stay in Belgrade. Here you can meet people similar to you and your aspiration. You could even find a large number of those who will complement you spiritually, and fulfil that last missing part of your journey. Accommodation and destination are important, but the people you’re traveling with or meeting along the way, are usually the missing puzzle of every journey.

Belgrade hostels vs hotel accommodation

Hostels are intended for all those who want to gain new experiences, and for those who do not want to waste too much money. There is no age limit, of course. As an old Serbian saying goes: "from the cradle to the grave," everyone is welcome, both young and old, regardless of nationality, religion, color of your skin. It is especially important to know that there is a diverse offer of Belgrade hostels. Major difference between hostels in Belgrade, and hotels on the other side, is the luxury and comfort component of accommodation. Hostels are less formal type of accommodation and the atmosphere is more relaxed. Rooms for two-person in hostels are one of the options, but often hostels offer the following room types:
  • Single bed hostel rooms;
  • Rooms for 3 or more persons;
  • Bedroom with bunk beds;
Although hostels often attract younger population, who doesn’t want to stay in once place very long, many hostels can provide a very comfortable and peaceful lodging for families and those who want more privacy. Of course, you can’t expect the privacy of Belgrade apartments, also available on our website, but cheap offers and comfy overnight stay, you surely can! Just like we said, you won’t find luxury hostel in Belgrade, but good hygiene and other accommodation elements or services are there for sure.

What type of services are provided by hostels in Belgrade?

Here are the services that hostels on our list of hostels in Belgrade usually offer:
  • Accommodation - rooms where you can experience unforgettable moments and new acquaintances with your peers from different cities and countries with whom you share a room, but at the same time you can count on your own privacy if you book a single bed hostel room.
  • Bathroom - while there are rooms with private bathrooms, there are hostels that offer shared bathrooms for few rooms at the time, or the entire floor sometimes;
  • shared kitchen,
  • Vouchers for breakfast / lunch / dinner - hostels by their “nature” usually do not have organized canteen or a restaurant, but in cooperation with local restaurants in Belgrade, they can offer special discounts and even service packs so that you can find tasty and cheap meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Restaurant or a bar - sometimes (rarely), these facilities can be found within the hostel;
  • Internet access,
  • Social activities,
  • Useful information - also, you can always ask hostel’s kind employees for help. They will provide all necessary information and will help you find your way in our capital.
Price for an overnight stay in hostels of Belgrade can be different, depending on the area of Belgrade you’re staying in (hostels in the center of Belgrade or hostels on the outskirts of the city), and based on quality of service and accommodation you’ll get. Of course, we don’t need to point out that price varies on the type of room you choose too.

How to choose the best hostel in Belgrade for yourself?

As everywhere else Belgrade hostels vary from dirty lodging at the train station, to very decent and pleasant places where you can relax and enjoy your stay. Hostels can be suited in old buildings (this doesn’t mean that hostel itself looks bad) or renovated, newly constructed facilities intended for this purpose. The offer of hostel accommodation in Belgrade is very diverse, so expect everything, but you should know that rise of hostel popularity as a type of accommodation in Belgrade, made hostels more competitive. These newly opened hostels created healthy competition, which increased standards for hygiene and service. There are several ways how to find and choose the best hostel that suits your needs. If, for example, you come unplanned in Belgrade, you can go directly to the tourist organization offices, usually located at the railway or main bus stations, where tourist workers can give you information about which hostels are free and available. Of course, you can wander around Belgrade, looking for cheap hostel if you wish, but we simply can’t recommend you this solution. On the other hand, what we can recommend you, is to get all the information available online! This is why we exist. Our mission is to help you find you way around Belgrade, book cheap hostels online and get everything done in the split of the second. All of this is possible with Belgrade Eye list of hostels in Belgrade! Check it, click it, book it! The only remaining thing to do, is to enjoy your stay. Welcome.