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Hotels In Belgrade

We have decided to make a list of all Belgrade Hotels, just to help you choose the right one for your stay in Belgrade, and so that we could make the list of the best hotels in Belgrade. But before we get to that, here’s an interesting story about Belgrade Hotels. In the last two decades, Belgrade has experienced a large influx of investments that enabled it to become a real metropolis. Until a few years ago it was not easy to find a decent hotel in Belgrade - several hotels with four and five stars were located in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade - not too close to the center), Intercontinental Hotel (today's Crown Plaza), Hyatt Regency hotel, while others , intended for the middle class, were mainly the remains of the past and the creation of the socialist movement. Although they were meant for the middle class, their quality could not be measured with other hotels - and they were not even cheap. Today, the situation is completely different - there are real luxury hotels in the center of Belgrade, as well as cheap hotels for those with a shallow pocket. Here you can find a list of hotels that can be booked online, as well as a short description of each of them. In addition, you can book hotels in any city around the world through a online booking form on our website.

First hotels in Belgrade

Knez Mihailo Obrenovic built the first hotel in Belgrade in 1841, at the corner of the present streets of Kralja Petra and Gracanica, and the water was once found by Cincar han. Above the entrance was the bronze head of the deer, so the hotel had a code deer code. First hotels were built in specially designed buildings, which today are the locations of many Belgrade apartments you can rent if you don’t like a hotel stay. Anyhow, here’s an interesting list of hotels in Belgrade that have been built before the Second World War, and even more interesting - that still exist today:
  • Hotel Avala
  • Hotel Balkan
  • Hotel Bristol
  • Hotel Excelsior
  • Hotel Kasina
  • Hotel Astoria
  • Hotel Moskva
Hotels in Belgrade played a very important role in the history of the state and Belgrade itself, regarding the cultural, social, economic and political sphere. Many political parties and associations made their first steps in them, numerous political, scientific and professional meetings were held. Hotel rooms in Belgrade were the main site of all cultural events in the capital, where concerts, theater and cinema performances were held. The first opera in the country was premiered in the big hall of one Belgrade hotel. Hotels also served as business premises, banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, doctors' offices. Also, tradesmen and craftsmen used them.

5 star hotels in Belgrade

One of the main mistakes that guests make when choosing a hotel in Belgrade should be emphasized. Guests usually think that the number of stars automatically means the luxury of the hotel. On the contrary, the number of stars in addition to the quality of service implies the content that the hotel offers. Therefore, it often happens that comfort, service quality and great ambience are also available in hotels with 3 or 4 stars, which are incomparably cheaper than five-star hotels. If you are looking for a hotel with a swimming pool in Belgrade, a sauna, a jacuzzi and other amenities, then this usually means that you will have to decide on a five-star hotel, most of which we have already mentioned. Even rich business hotel users know that if they do not want to swim while on their business trip, they can save a significant amount of money with the right choice of hotels from BelgradeEye.

Belgrade hotels prices

The development of the city and the increased number of tourists created demands for accommodation in Belgrade to increase. Various hotels were opened, luxury hotel chains such as Hotel Meriott, Hotel Holiday Inn, Hotel Radisson Blue, Hotel Konstantin, Hotel Falkensteiner, Hotel Metropol, Hotel President, Hotel envoy, Square Nine hotel... Hotel prices vary according to service and quality. It is possible to find an excellent price / quality ratio in all categories of price ranking. Some hotels are in the center of the city, while hotels in New Belgrade (Novi Beograd), hotels in Zemun, hotels in Palilula are a little farther away, but they substitute for their services. Regardless of whether you have come to Belgrade for work, pleasure or a vacation, with the Belgrade Eye list of hotels, you will be able to make the perfect choice. Check out which are hotels for celebrations, hotels for conferences in Belgrade, and all other hotels in Belgrade.

Location of Belgrade hotels

Depending on your needs, there are many hotels that you can book in Belgrade. There are also hotels from the socialist period, which were subsequently redeemed and reorganized. Apart from the hardly changed facade and exterior of the hotel, they are completely arranged, so you can often find them in unusual locations. Hotels are located in the Belgrade city centre (Vracar, Stari Grad and Savski Venac), but mostly in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade), and then in other parts of Belgrade, such as Konjarnik, Vozdovac, Palilula, etc. There is no need to skip hotels located near important sports facilities, such as SC Šumice, which often host larger groups of guests, such as children's and youth sports teams. The choice of a hotel in Belgrade is difficult, but BelgradeEye is here to help you!