Food Delivery Belgrade - restaurants

You’re at your home, rented apartment or a hotel, watching movie or resting from the wild nightlife, but you’re in need for instant food in Belgrade? “OMG, who will prepare dinner at this moment? Even the fast food restaurant is far away at this point…”. Luckily, there’s the beloved solution for all hungry people in Belgrade. Home food delivery Belgrade list of restaurants! Belgrade Eye carved this unique list of the best food delivery restaurants in Belgrade Serbia, which will help you choose the food of your own taste from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for pizza delivery in Belgrade, or chinese food delivery, we got you covered, all national cuisines of the world are here!

Fast food delivery in Belgrade - territory and neighbourhoods

Fast food restaurants in Belgrade were the first ones to start with food delivery in Serbia. With the growth of popularity, came the competition and battle for territory of Belgrade. Battle for every neighbourhood throughout the years ensured that even the farthest neighbourhood can get their food delivery in time.

Anywhere in Belgrade

All mentioned above, ensured that food wasn’t available only for the privileged ones whom are living in the center of Belgrade (Stari grad (Old city), Vracar or Savski Venac neighbourhood), rather throughout the whole city, including Vozdovac, Novi Beograd (New Belgrade), Palilula, Mirijevo, Resnik, Banovo Brdo and other areas of our beloved capital. Advantages of food delivery services:
  • Multiple choices of restaurants all in one place - BelgradeEye!
  • You’re only a click or a call away from your food! No need to get ready, plan in advance or spend any time to get to the restaurant;
  • Food delivery is usually cheaper than the classic restaurants in Belgrade, where you can enjoy yourself, but where you’re paying for the ambiance.
  • You don’t need to hunt for a parking spot!

Types of food you can order to your location in Belgrade

Belgrade Eye is trying to offer diversity of restaurants to its users, and this is why our list of restaurants with food delivery is filled with different types of cuisines, crafted for every hungry person or simply a food lover. Sweet tooths included!

Traditional serbian barbecue

Whether you’re a fan of leskovacki rostilj or muckalica, whether you’re a fan of sarajevski or banjalucki kebab, all of this and more, you can find in the grill restaurants in Belgrade, specialized in food delivery. You’re trying to find good barbecue in the center of Belgrade or Vozdovac, Novi Beograd and Konjarnik? Doesn’t matter, restaurants on our list are here to ensure you can get the food you want, where you want it, and all of that in the right time!

Chinese food Belgrade delivery

Chinese food and delivery simply go together. Some would say that chinese food started offering delivery even before pizza delivery. So, the only thing left is to choose the meal you want to eat, and choose one of our many restaurants on the list. The most famous ones in Belgrade, are definetely Soya Sos, Asian Food or Ping Pong 011. Get the right mixture of beef, chicken or pork meat, with all those sweet, sour or hot sauces, add some peanuts or fruits, and your chinese food will be delivered within 30 - 45 minutes!

Pizza delivery in Belgrade

The first restaurants to start food delivery in Belgrade were Italian types of fast food. Pizza delivery with all the other tasty italian meals like panzerotti, calzone etc. Pizza is eaten all over the world, including Belgrade! From the young scholars on their break between lectures to the grown working people who are trying to catch a break during those long working hours, everyone likes food! Which one is your favourite pizza flavor:
  • Quattro Staggioni,
  • Capricciosa,
  • Margareta,
  • Napolitana?
Visit our website, choose your pizza delivery restaurant in Belgrade and order your favourite pizza taste! It’s that simple!

Mexican food, gyro and sushi in Belgrade? Why not?!

These are all the options you can get if you decide to order food at your home, apartment in Belgrade, a hostel or any other loction. Mexican and sushi restaurants are growing very fast, and are getting more and more sushi lovers here in Belgrade. Choose the sushi delivery restaurant by your wish, or order a tasty burrito and enjoy yourself, right here in Belgrade!

List of delivery restaurants in Belgrade Serbia

Delivery Restaurants Belgrade Pizzeria The Saint
Tršćanska 4, Beograd
Phone: 011/3821 611, 062 689 889

Pizza Delivery Paun
Ljudevita Posavskog 4
Phone: 011/3446 994, 3445 283

Mamma's Belgrade Delivery Restaurant
Kumanovska 6, Belgrade
Phone: 011/344 11 23, 344 62 14

Šumadija Delivery Restaurant
Nebojšina 51, Belgrade
Phone: 011/243 9616

Svetozara Markovića 19a
Phone: 011/ 324 6974, 323 8888

Pizzeria Gonzales
Pariske Komune 65, New Belgrade
Phone: 011/ 267 3371

Robin Food
Takovska 48
Phone: 011/ 278 5931

Campo de Fiori Delivery Restaurant
Skadarska 11, Belgrade
Phone: 011 324 2940

City Pizza
Dimitrija Tucovića 65
Phone: 011 3442 390, 063 7373000

Mekenzijeva 85
Phone: 011/2458 279

Napoli Pizza Delivery
Đušina 10, Beograd
Phone: 011/334 0667

Cafe Pizzeria Pomodoro
Hilandarska 32
Phone: 062/ 69 45 89

Free delivery

Cara Dušana 24
Phone: 011/ 2910 249

Trattoria Košava
Kralja Petra 36
Phone: 011/ 2627 344

Pizza Factory
Rada Končara 20
Phone: 011/ 3444 745

Pizza Haus
Rada Neimara 17
Phone: 011/ 285 2222

Pizzeria A'sii
Phone: 011/3980 407

Senza Paura Delivery Service
Banijska 62, Beograd
Phone: 011/ 344 5458

Vuka Karadžića 2, Beograd
Phone: 011/ 2181 931

Pizza Haos
Nemanjina 4, Belgrade
Phone: 011/ 361 52 45