Belgrade Eye - Why Us

  1. Its more efficient - It will drive more conversions in a more traceable way and be cheaper overall and per conversion than any offline publisher or our competitors.
  2. Proven track record - over 7000 online accommodation reservations from the upload of first version of Belgrade Eye.
  3. Currently - 40,000 unique visits that is 500,000 narrowly targeted unique visits annually - if the current trend continues - and even more importantly these customers are suited exactly to your business needs.
  4. Optimization - Belgrade eye is one of the oldest and the most optimized tourism portals in the market.
  5. Its cheaper - unlike other online media providers - we do not take % of your bookings - You pay only one time annual subscription and become the member of Belgrade eye expanding community and get your reservations or visits directly - to learn more visit Belgrade Eye terms page.
  6. Our second branch in cooperation with our partner will take care of the design - Belgrade eye will make customized page for your business based on your wishes and demands also provide you with the free advice based on our vast experience being ourselves successful accommodation provider in the past. If you want to - based on our agreement - we can also design your own website based on the most up to date knowledge on the market - for more information on this please click here.
  7. Possibility to reach our database of repeating customers - as we were in the same business for years we have accumulated the widest possible database of leads and past reservations.
  8. Inclusion of your business in our monthly newsletter reaching wider community.
  9. High quality content
  10. Targeting international audience.
  11. Our clients know that our team is aware of the fact that there is no success without outstanding commitment and therefore we are doing our best to protect your interests and on daily basis we are increasing the number of visits, conversions and bookings.