Belgrade Taxis

Here is a list of all Belgrade Taxi companies along with Belgrade taxi phone numbers (if you are calling from international cell phone, dial +381 11 first). If you are calling any taxi in Belgrade, you can expect them to come very fast - usually within 2 minutes of your call. They will be harder to reach during rush hour (around 5pm) or in harsh weather (in Belgrade, that includes light rain). Most taxi companies have a 20 percent discount on fairs scheduled by phone, and in exchange will want to know how far you are going when you call them (they may not take very short rides, in which case you should hail them on the street).

Akademac taksi, 2417-022
Alo taksi, 3564-555
Alfa taksi, 9807
Beotaksi, 19700
Beogradski taksi, 9801
Gold taksi, 329-1818
Ekonomik taksi, 397-3327
Zuti taksi, 9802
Zeleni taksi, 3233-666
Joker taxi, 3971-174
Lux taxi, 303-3123
Maksis taksi, 9804
Naksi taksi, 2157-668
NBA taksi, 3185-777
Pepsi taksi, 2882200
Pink taksi, 19803
Plavi taksi, 9805
Taksi As, 3283-333
Taksi Bel, 9808
Taksi M, 316-2626
Taksi Cukarica, 555-333
Herc taksi, 2446-246
City taxi, 394-0022

Beware!! - As anywhere in Eastern Europe if you are a foreigner (and sometimes even if you are not), taxi drivers may try to overcharge you and it is smart to check the following before you hail a taxi in Belgrade:

Belgrade Taxi Every Belgrade taxi company has to have 2 signs: a company unique sign and a smaller blue sign with 4 white numbers - a unique number of each vehicle of Belgrade taxi. If you catch a taxi without the second sign - chances are that it's illegal that the driver will try to rip you off.

The average fare around the broader center should not be higher than 400-500 dinars (300 for short rides), and it should always be by the meter - do not agree to a settled price. A common scheme is that a taxi driver demands the meter charge per person - obviously this is illegal and don't accept it. However, if they ask for an additional nominal fee for your luggage (50-100 dinars), that is allowed and it's not a scheme to rip you off.

Belgrade eye recommends using the following companies for taxi in Belgrade:

Pink Taxi
Phone: (+381 11) 19803
SMS: 5353

Lux Taxi
Phone: (+381 11) 30 33 123
SMS: 3033

Beogradski Taxi
Phone: (+381 11) 9801

Beo Taxi
Phone: (+381 11) 970
SMS: 9700

Plavi Taxi
Phone: (+381 11) 9805