Restaurant Dvoriste

Svetogorska 46, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Hidden from the city hustle and bustle, with the fresh breeze from Crete, the Adriatic, Andalusia and Middle East, it is true gastronomic refreshment. It brings simple, creative cuisine to Belgrade whose approach reflects the traditional customs of the Mediterranean diet, philosophy and lifestyle. Meze, Mezetluk, Mezedes, Tapas….

Small plates that connect people and invite you to socialize, exchange ideas, taste, aroma, thoughts, love… Relax and let us take you on a trip around the Mediterranean in just one morsel.

Feel the magic of unusual spices, fresh taste and homemade wine. Olive oil, as the key ingredient of our dishes arrives from ours family olive groves, in the village of Kritsa on the island of Crete, the place King Minos chose for his summer house more than 3000 years ago…..

The house wine is made of rare autochthonous cultivars of grapevines, produced by the fourth generation of Cretan wine-makers and a friend of the restaurant, Mr. Nikos Miliarakis…. White wine – complementary to lunch, light "Santorini" salad and Royal Dorade with Mediterranean wild greens Rose – during the afternoon siesta, Shrimps in ouzo with saffron sauce or Chicken and apple risotto in turmeric sauce Red wine – after the sunset, Lightly browned Greek feta and Medallions with candied fruit in Metaxa sauce…

Breakfast every day from 09.00, and during the lunch time, we offer a special homemade cooked meals menu quick, delicious and nutritious…. Visit us and enjoy yourselves among friends! Welcome!!!

Restaurant menu can be downloaded from the following link

Facebook: Mezestoran Dvoriste

We are open every day 09:00 to24:00

Svetogorska 46, languages spoken at the restaurant: english, greek and french

Free parking
Available for our guests
on working days from 17:00
& weekends from 09:00
entrance next to pharmacy

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