Belgrade Museums

National Museum - Narodni Muzej Belgrade museums have been developed gradually so that today there are really many diverse places with exhibitions for everyone's taste. The most famous Belgrade museum is National museum founded in 1844 which has a huge collection of drawings, paintings and other interesting artefacts. Of other museums in Belgrade that could be of special interest to you is Military museum - its exhibition goes as far as back to Roman times all the way to the parts or NATO military aircrafts that were shot down during 1999 war in Serbia. Another interesting museum is Ethnographic museum built in 1901 which is probably the best place to discover Balkan culture and traditions especially if you are interested in history of ex Yugoslavia. We also recommend visiting the Museum of Contemporary arts and museum of famous Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla located in Vracar municipality.

Belgrade City Museum (Muzej grada Beograda)
Address: Zmaj Jovina 1, Phone: +381 11 638-744

National Museum (Narodni muzej)
Address: Trg Republike 1a, Phone: +381 11 624322

Ethnographic Museum (Etnografski muzej)
Address: Studentski Trg 13, Phone: +381 11 3281-888

Nikola Tesla Museum (Muzej Nikole Tesle)
Address: Krunska 51, Phone: +381 11 2433-886

Military Museum (Vojni muzej)
Address: Kalemegdan, Phone: +381 11 3344-408

Yugoslav Aviation Museum (Muzej vazduhoplovstva)
Address: Belgrade Airport, Phone: +381 11 670-992

Yugoslav History Museum (Muzej istorije Jugoslavije)
Address: Trg Nikole Pasica 11, Phone: +381 11 3398-532

Serbian Orthodox Church Museum (Muzej Srpske pravoslavne crkve)
Address: Kralja Petra 5, Phone: +381 11 635-699

Museum of Applied Art (Muzej primenjene umetnosti)
Address: Vuka Karadzica 18, Phone: +381 11 2626-494

Museum of Contemporary Art (Muzej savremene umetnosti)
Address: Usce Save bb (Sava and Danube confluence), Phone: +381 11 3115-713

Automobile Museum (Muzej automobila)
Address: Majke Jevrosime 30, Beograd, Phone: +381 11 3241-566

Science and Technology Museum (Muzej nauke i tehnike)
Address: Djure Jaksica 9, Phone: +381 11 187-360

Historical Museum of Serbia (Istorijski muzej Srbije)
Address: Nemanjina 24/VII, Phone: +381 11 3616-267

Vinca Archeological Locality
Address: M. Krstica 7, Phone: +381 11 8065-334

Ivo Andric Memorial Museum
Address: Andricev venac 8, Phone: +381 11 3238-397

Jewish Historical Museum (Jevrejski istorijski muzej)
Address: Kralja Petra 71/I, Belgrade, Phone: +381 11 2622-634

Museum of African Art (Muzej africke umetnosti)
Address: Andre Nikolica 14, Beograd, Phone: +381 11 2651-654

Theater Museum
Address: Gospodar Jevremova 19, Phone: +381 11 2626-630

Cvijeta Zuzoric Pavillion
Address: Mali Kalemegdan 1

Pedagogical Museum
Address: Uzun Mirkova 14, Phone: +381 11 2627-538

Persija - Gallery of the Orient
Address: Beogradska 44b, Phone: +381 11 2438-088

Nature Museum (Prirodnjacki muzej)
Address: Njegoseva 51, Beograd, Phone: +381 11 3442-149

Museum of Vuk and Dositej
Address: Gospodar Jevremova 21, Phone: +381 11 2625-161

Railway Museum (Zeleznicki muzej)
Address: Nemanjina 6, Phone: +381 11 3610-334