Vinca Archeological Spot - Belgrade, Serbia

Vinca Visit Vinča
Your ancient relative's culture - one of the oldest archeological spots on planet!

Vinča is a place only 15 km from Belgrade and it is famous archeological spot in this part of the world. Vinca today has a status of Archaeological park and is also famous for Monastery of the Presentation of the Virgin to the Temple from 15th century. In 1908 Mr. Miloje Vasic initiated the excavations and at this time many houses of prehistoric people were discovered (from the period around 4500 - 3200 BC). There are many artifacts, jewelry and objects made of precious and rare metals, vases, various materials and real treasure that has been procured from other parts of Europe especially Central Europe and Mediterranean region. Most of the objects and artifacts can be today seen at the exhibition in the National Museum of Belgrade, Vinca collection on the Belgrade faculty of philosophy and in Belgrade city Museum. The territory of Vinca culture was larger in 4000 BC than any other European Neolitic culture. 200 years after this the culture reached its golden stage when new societies emerged focused and based on processing of copper and gold.

Vinca Archeological park is open for organized tours whole year so if you want to see some of your ancient relative's lifestyle and culture - definitely visit the place!