Peking - Belgrade Delivery Restaurant

Vuka Karadžića 2, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Of all the Chinese Restaurants in Belgrade we have to mention the oldest one and the only one that has four stars awarded from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services. The restaurant is located in a small street which intersects Knez Mihajlova and has capacity for 120 guests. If you are not fan of heavy Serbian cuisine this is probably the best place to feel the joy of Peking at the center of Belgrade. If you like Chinese food please scroll down and go through the menu below and you will realize the width of offer that this place has. In addition to all this - the place operates as Belgrade delivery restaurant with really efficient service that is compensated with 10% higher prices.

Recommended for: anybody who wants Chinese food and outstanding service at the city center.

Featured meals from Restaurant menu

Specialties for four persons:

  • Chinese pot with assorted delicatessen Jou-Jin-Jien-Gou
  • Chicken with almonds
  • Chinese pot Guyana style Shen-Pian-Hue-Gou


  • Yin-Er soup with Chinese mushroom and spinach
  • Soup with chicken noodles and Ze-Tzay herb
  • Garnished spring soup with Ze-Tzay herb
  • Sour hot soup
  • Seafood soup
  • Soup with starch noodles

Hot dishes:

  • Chicken cut in stripes with hot vegetables and bamboo
  • Chicken with sesame and sauce
  • Chicken with Indian wainut
  • Chicken with champignons
  • Chicken with bamboo shoots
  • Chicken with black mushrooms
  • Szechuan chicken
  • Curry chicken
  • Duck with bamboo shots and Mu-Er mushrooms
  • Szechuan duck
  • Duck pieces with vegetables
  • Sweet and sour pork
  • Cucumber with slices of chicken
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Sian-Su-Ya duck stewed in oil
  • Fried pork in hot sauce
  • Pork cut in stripes with hot vegetables and bamboo
  • Fresh peppers in sliced pork
  • Fried fillet of pork with sesame and green peppers
  • Pork with golden needles and Mu-Er mushrooms
  • You-Syan-Jou pork
  • Aromatic beef in red sauce
  • Beefsteak with bamboo shoots and black mushrooms
  • Beef in oyster sauce
  • Beef with celery
  • Sliced lamb with onions
  • Sliced lamb with mushrooms and vegetables
  • Sliced lamb with water chestnut
  • Pork with peanuts and eggs
  • Tao-Yen-Soo-Ja duck with walnuts
  • Squid garnished with three delicatessens
  • Squid with Chinese mushrooms


  • Janmis
  • Tan-Huansou
  • Sa-Tzi-Ma
  • Jihoasu
  • Shao-Pin

If you want to find more information please call the following telephone number (+381 11) 2181931

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