Belgrade Palaces - House of Flowers, White Palace

Kuca cveca (The House of Flowers)

Kuca Cveca Kuca Cveca (The House of Flowers) - the mausoleum and memorial of Yugoslavia's communist ruler, marshal Tito. Frequently visited by Josip Broz Tito fans from across former Yugoslavia. A great site for getting a grasp of the personality cult that reigned Yugoslavia for so many decades. You will be following the steps of many a Yugoslav primary-school pioneer.

Beli dvor (White Palace)

Beli dvor - the royal summer palace built in the 1930s, which became the home of the communist Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito when the royal family was expelled following World War II. It has been returned to the heir of the Serbian throne, prince Alexander the 2nd Karadjordjevic only after democratic changes in 2000. The renovated Palace was recently open to the public, and visits to the entire palace complex are organized every weekend. The White Palace is both a historic site and an art gallery, with works of world-famous painters adorning its walls, and a porcelain set made for Louis the 14th on display. One hundred acres (about 200 football courts) of land surround the palace.


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