Restaurant Kalemegdanska Terasa

Mali Kalemegdan bb

Away from the city commotion, restaurant Kalemegdanska terasa represents one of the probably most attractive locations for catering business. Its location provides to guests a nice view on lower Kalemegdan and Danube.

Belgrade has long and rich history. In the early first century AD, Romans erected first fortifies walls. During centuries, many nations fought to conquer this town. As a statement to those times, Kalemegdanska Terasa still stands at the junction of Danube and Sava. Fortress is turned into a beautiful park, with numerous promenades between towers and walls, and in one of its corners the famous restaurant Kalemegdanska Terasa located oneself.

Other than nice viewpoint, restaurant Kalemegdanska Terasa has a very ambitious menu, relied mostly on international cuisine, with best parts of the national one. Great orchestra plays here every night, except on Sundays.

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